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Electric Radiant Panels

All Solray systems are designed to suit your specific requirements. They can be created in custom sizes and shaped to fit the most unique area.

We also have a range of standard sizes and modular panels suitable for walls, floors and ceilings.

Looking to specify our radiant panels? As all systems and sites are different, we recommend speaking with a member of our UK based design team. All of the products listed are available in CAD format for drawing integration and Revit models are available on request. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide the details you’re looking for and put together a detailed schedule of panels based on your design conditions.

To discuss your project please call 01792 89 22 11.

All radiant panels are available with flat or perforated faceplates for acoustic environments

Product Selector:

Custom Size

I need a custom size

That’s absolutely no problem at all. All our panels can be tailor made to suit your size requirements and specifications. They can even be shaped and powder coated in a variety of colours.

Call our friendly UK team on 01792 89 22 11 or email We’ll help you by discussing exactly what you require for your project and we’re also on hand to give you free advice, custom calculations, quotations and/or detailed schedules.

Electric Floor Panels

Electric Floor Panels

We can manufacture a variety of electric heated floor panels to suit your requirements. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise on the best product for your project/design