‘Every Little Helps’ – Solray secure Tesco project

We’re installing our heating panels in one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains

Working closely with Tesco and design consultants URS, we’ve come up with a solution to provide comfortable heating to the checkout staff and customers.cromwell-night
On this particular project, the main panel will be 54m long to serve the entire checkout zone with another 20m long panel to serve the customer service area.
Located on the site of a former greyhound racing stadium in the market town of Wisbech, East Anglia, the project comprises a retail park with a 120,000 sq ft foodstore, 8 screen cinema, 3no. A3 units and a PFS. Designed for a private development company, the scheme takes full advantage of the site to provide sufficient parking for 870 cars.
2013-03-06 0928 Tesco's checkout with Solray Panel superimposed
Because this form of heating as not been utilised by Tesco in the past, they understandably wanted to see what the panels might look like once installed so we approached one of our local universities for some assistance. Swansea Metropolitan University were only to happy to help. We visited a local store, took some photos and then with some help from the Uni, inserted a 3D image of our panels into the image as per the image shown.
We expect to start the install in early December with completion needed before the end of the year.