New to Radiant?

New to Radiant Heating and want to know how it works?

We describe how it works below but if you would like to discuss it, please get in touch

Radiant Heating Panels work in a similar way to radiators – They heat your room. The difference between the two is that radiant heat works on the principles of heating objects in the space like desks, walls and people directly instead of heating the air which in turn heats the objects. This means that comfort levels are achieved more efficiently with radiant panels than with convectors.

Try to think of it like the sun on a clear day in winter. The air temperature may be cold but when the sun shines on you, you feel warmth even though the air temperature hasn’t changed. Like the sun needs to see you so that you feel its direct warmth, radiant panels also need to see the objects in a room for it to be fully effective.

Why should I use it?

Comfort levels – Radiant heating panels allow levels of comfort to be achieved at a lower air temperature than with mainstream convectors. In simple terms, you feel warm at a lower air temperature. For example if a room temperature was 18°C, with radiant heating panels you typically feel as if it was 21°C. This makes them more efficient.

Out of Sight…..

Most radiant heating panels are hidden away into the ceiling so if you didn’t know what they looked like, you wouldn’t notice they were there.

Noisy? Nope!

Radiant heating panels are passive so the only noise comes from the boiler which is usually tucked away

Clean and Maintenance Free

With little or no air movement, dust particles don’t get shifted around the room which makes them a very hygienic method of heating any space. This is particularly advantageous for hospitals and schools.

If you or your company would like to find out more about radiant heating and how it can benefit your future projects then why not get in touch with us to arrange a seminar on an introduction to radiant heating.