Trench Heating

Solray Natural Convection Trench Heating

Manufactured at our factory in Swansea, our natural convection trench heaters are available in 6 standard models, with the option to fully customise the specification to suit specific project requirements. With no moving parts they are silent and extremely efficient.

Solray Trench Heater

Solray Trench Heating is used around the perimeter of the room to provide balanced heat distribution around the areas where most of the heat loss is. It is highly effective where there are large areas of glazing that would otherwise be difficult to heat with conventional heat emitters.

Solray Trench Heating Technical Specifications

  • Made to order to any length.
  • Slotted joining straps allow for an adjustment of 0-45mm spacing between pre-punched casing sections.
  • The trench casing is fitted with levelling screws to adjust the height as required 0-25mm. Longer levelling feet are available to suit larger floor voids.
  • Trench casing manufactured from 1.2mm zintec sheet powder coated black internally.
  • The heating elements are 15mm or 22mm copper tubes with aluminium fins mechanically locked for excellent heat transfer.
  • Top quality aluminium roll-up grille with class leading strength. Anodised to AA15 in a natural satin finish as standard with a range of other colours available upon request.
  • Grille blades spaced for 60% free area as standard. 30%, 50% (“pencil roof”) and 70% free area grilles are also available.
  • Optional kerb casing available for all models, where no raised floor is available.

For details of the 6 standard models, including sizes and outputs, please see the data sheet below

Data Sheet:
Solray Trench Heating

Interested? Please contact your local area manager or alternatively our UK based design team