The Benefits

uk-iconTailor-made in the UK

Solray radiant heating panels can be manufactured to suit your specific project requirements. They can be created in custom sizes and shaped to fit most areas.

And it doesn’t stop there – Solray radiant heating panels can be manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes to complement the building and project specifications.

Complete Colour Control

Typically produced in aluminium or steel, the panels can also be powder coated to any BS or RAL colour. This means you can customise the colour and appearance as well as having full control over the size and shape.

Solray panels are manufactured right here in the UK, which means you get a highly responsive UK team but it’s also good for the economy and the environment.


Are you looking for a lean, modern and welcoming visual appearance? Solray panels can help.

This discreet product can either blend seamlessly into the environment or be designed as an attractive feature.


Often concealed within the ceiling, Solray panels have no corners, ledges or joints where dirt or harmful bacteria can collect.

Being flat, they are also incredibly easy to clean.
They also create far less dust and air movement than ordinary convective heating systems – reducing potential discomfort for staff, patients, customers or visitors with breathing difficulties.

energy-efficiency-iconEnergy efficient

Solray’s panel system combines radiation, conduction and convection to offer excellent heating or cooling performance.

The specially designed panels offer maximum heat transmission with the minimum of surface temperature differentials.


No bulky, protruding units, edges or corners – these flush panels represent an extremely safe option in hallways, sports halls and corridors.

In addition, our steel panels have been approved by the Ministry of Justice (NOMS approval). Their anti-ligature nature makes them ideal for use in high security areas.

cost-effective-iconCost effective

The system can be used with low or medium temperature hot water, steam or electricity.

Combined with optimum heat distribution, this offers significant savings on running costs compared to any other heating systems.

quality-iconHigh quality

All Solray systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and as an option can be fitted by the company’s own team of specially trained and experienced engineers.

With a proven track record and responsive technical support service teams, Solray systems offer a lifetime’s performance with the minimum of maintenance.

The quality and longevity of our products is backed up by our optional 25 Year Guarantee.

space-saving-iconSpace saving

Unlike most traditional heating systems, Solray panels take up little or no space. maximising floor area and wall space – crucial in buildings such as schools and leisure centres.