Radiant panels take up too much ceiling space

Oh no they don’t! If ceiling space is limited which these days is often the case, we can take the panels away from the middle of the ceiling and put them on the perimeter away from lights and other services. Starting at a minimum width of 150mm and being able to go right around the perimeter of the room, the perimeter panel provides balanced heat distribution around the areas where most of the heat loss is. This allows those heat losses to be offset thereby diminishing the cold infiltration into the room.

Broad Green Hospital Heart & Chest Ward

Solray @ Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital

But don’t columns & IPS etc get in the way? Wrong again! The perimeter panels are installed by our trained installers and any columns that interfere with the panel get cut around so that the panel is continuous. What’s more we can manufacture these panels to be any size to suit the building and the heat losses so they’re pretty flexible.
Do they need a lot of pipework? Not much a typical room like the photo shown would only need one set of connections which means less pipework to install.
Solray Heating Panels

Solray @ Worthing Hospital

When are they installed?We install them before the ceiling goes up and then we provide a trim around the edge of the panel for the ceiling to start from. They can be installed flush with the ceiling, recessed or even below the ceiling line. Flush is the usual weapon of choice because this hides the panel best.
I like the sound of this. send us your drawing & heat losses and we’ll design it for you. Have a look at the data sheet here