Bespoke Multi Service Rafts

Why be limited to one lighting product when we can tailor a panel to suit any luminaire!

Perimeter with Spot Light We’ve always had a penchant for the bespoke side of radiant heating and nothing has altered in terms of our approach to multi service panels. Warwickshire College Lighting Panels (6)
Ceiling spaces are sometimes a minefield in terms of co-ordination with different services clashing and causing problems for one another.
With our bespoke approach to this predicament, if our customer has a particular luminaire in mind that he/she would like to utilise for a space and would like to save space by combining them with the heating or cooling source in a room, we can design our heating panels to incorporate the lighting units as well as other services such as PIRs or anything else you can think of!
We take pride in our ability to come with a solution on a product by product, job by job basis and we welcome and actively encourage our customers to challenge our design team.
Find the light you’d like to use for your project and send us the details by contacting us