DM Perimeter Panels

Mounted around the perimeter of a suspended ceiling and water compatible the DM perimeter is an ideal solution. Available in any size or width to suit the building needs, the DM combines flexibility with functionality and practicality. With the panel installed on the perimeter, the middle of the ceiling is free for other services such as lighting and often each room will only need one connection which allows a cost saving on pipework for a contractor. The main heat loss of any area is more often than not on a perimeter of a room through windows and doors and with this panel installed above those areas, the heat loss is offset more effectively

Data Sheet:
Solray DM Perimeter Range

BIM Model:
Suspended Ceiling Perimeter Panels (DM)

Please note, all our panels can be manufactured to your exact size requirements.

All Solray panels can be designed to work with water or electricity as the heating medium.

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