Infrared Radiant Panels

Infrared Radiant Panels

High Output, High Quality, High Performance

Limited for space and looking for a clean, efficient system to heat your area? Solray have developed a high output electric panel that’s as pretty as it effective.
Manufactured to the highest standards, the panels can be manufactured in a variety of sizes with different output intensities to satisfy the needs of any application.

The rationale behind the new Solray infrared heating system is that it offers first-class energy efficiency and cosy comfort in combination with low investment and servicing costs while at the same time providing an attractive heating system.

Advantages of this new product include:

  • Space saving – Can be used on ceilings or walls
  • Efficient – Achieve comfort at lower air temps
  • Ideal for retro fitting – No need for pipework, just an existing electrical supply
  • Attractive design – Glass front Panels ensure suitability for a range of applications including residential
  • Flexible designs – Variety of sizes and outputs available to suit every scenario


Please contact us for more information or if you would like us to select the appropriate product for your particular project